Friday, November 23, 2012

Yellow Fever (or something like it) has broken out in North Darfur, Sudan; vaccination program launched

Radio Dabanga (Nov23,2k12)

New cases of disease ‘resembling yellow fever’

21 Nov
.) -
Activists and residents from Kabkabiya locality, North Darfur, have informed Radio Dabanga on Tuesday November 20, about the alleged arrival of four new cases of a disease resembling yellow fever from Jebel 'Aamer and Sref Beni Hussein localities.
The patients were taken to the hospital in Kabkabiya for treatment, but remain in critical condition, sources told Radio Dabanga. A local resident said one of the patients was referred to the hospital in El-Fasher but died during the trip.
The resident explained that another patient passed away on Monday, as a result of the disease. At the same time, one of the remaining patients was taken to El-Fasher hospital on Tuesday morning, after his condition became more critical.
He stressed that residents are living in fear, as the disease can cause a sudden death, adding that doctors withhold information on the patients' conditions from their relatives, which causes even more fear and panic, he added to Radio Dabanga from Kabkabiya.
Radio Dabanga (Nov23,2k12)

Yellow fever vaccination campaign to start

19 Nov
.) -
The Federal Health Minister, Bahr Abu Garda, announced the start of the vaccination campaign against the yellow fever epidemic in Darfur on Tuesday November 20, targeting 2.4 million people in Central, West and South Darfur, Radio Dabanga has learned.
Bahr Abu Garda, who arrived in El-Geneina on Saturday to visit the affected areas, announced to Radio Dabanga in an interview that the vaccination campaign will begin on Tuesday after arrival of the vaccines to Darfur.
The minister appeals to citizens in the states of Central and West Darfur, where the campaign will be started, to go to the vaccination centers and follow the necessary health instructions, he added to Radio Dabanga from El-Geneina.
On the other hand, he disclosed that the number of deaths as a result of the yellow fever epidemic has reached 110 on Saturday, adding that the total number of cases in West and South Darfur is now 358.
Abu Garda stated that all preparations were done in cooperation with the World Health Organization, including the preparation and equipment of blood banks in Nyala, El-Fasher, Zalingei and El-Geneina.
The minister noted that the disease seemed to be declining and appealed to citizens to go to the nearest health center as soon as any symptom of the disease emerges, he added to Radio Dabanga.
Photo: Minister of Health, Bahr Abu Garda (Radio Dabanga file photo)
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