Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sacramento, California, hospitals are leading the way in a breast-milk drive for donors

CBS Sacramento, California (Dec12,2k12)

Shortage Of Breast Milk Leads To Unique Donation Drive In Sacramento

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(CBS13) – 

A first-of-its-kind 

donation drive took

place in Sacramento  

due to a critical 

shortage of breast 

Sutter Medical Center and the Breastfeeding Coalition of Greater Sacramento are asking mothers to register to become breast milk donors for preemies in neonatal intensive care units and others.
According to the Breastfeeding Coalition of Greater Sacramento, just three ounces of breast milk is enough to feed a premature infant 9 times. The human milk is critical for premature and sick infants protecting them from devastating intestinal infections.
The breast milk will be donated to the Mothers’ Milk Bank of California, a San Jose organization that provides breast milk to 73 hospitals in 13 states.
“There is a shortage of breast milk from donors, and our hospital is one of the top purchasers of breast milk in the area,” said Kate Risingsun, R.N., the regional lactation manager at Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento. “Our care can be compromised if there isn’t enough, so we’re pleading for more.”
Interested moms can register at Sutter Medical Plaza, 1625 Stockton Boulevard until 3pm Monday.
For more details about the requirements to become a donor you can visit the Breastfeeding Coalitions’ website.

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